Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Carole Samaha

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Carole Samaha

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Carole Samaha

Carole Samaha is an extremely beautiful and sexy Arab singer. She’s actually Lebanese. Although she has release 5 albums and has had a very successful music career, Samaha is no dummy. She has a master’s degree in acting and directing. For the fruits of her labor Carole was nominated for Best Arabia Act in the 2008 MTV Music Awards. It may be surprising that she got her start in acting and in the theatre. Actually, at a very young age, she got the attention of those that would help her through her career. She definitely doesn’t need any help now, though.

This picture (which appears to be from an album cover) shows a cheeky side to Samaha. The first thing you notice are those sexy Arabian eyes. Just like Cleopatra, they have a way of tearing right through you to your soul. Then there’s her beautiful face and fun bob haircut. Unfortunately, you can’t see her beautiful body very well here, but she does have a very nice set of medium breasts. You can also see her tight little ass through the jeans she’s wearing. I also like the way that she’s already laying down in this picture. It makes you think you can join right in.

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