Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Rima Fakih

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Rima Fakih
Rima Fakih is an amazingly beautiful and extremely sexy Arab woman. She is so beautiful that she won the title of Miss USA 2010 representing the state of Michigan. I know what you’re thinking: Michigan? There aren’t that many Arab women in Michigan. Well, that may be so, but this is one of them and probably the most beautiful among them. As a Muslim and an Arab, it is rumored that she is the first woman of her ethnicity, religion, or nationality to be named Miss USA. Fakih is originally from Srifa, a small city in southern Lebanon. After her reign as Miss USA, her plans are to attend law school.

This picture is a lot more artistic than I like to display, but it does show how sexy this luscious Lebanese girl is. It is in black and white, but you can still see her best attributes like her long flowing hair that looks silky smooth in this picture. You can also see a great view of her nice big breasts. They are covered somewhat, but you can still see that they are nice and firm. Then you can’t help but notice the fishnet stockings on her long, long legs. Finally, her lips are so full and kissable in this picture that it just makes you weak.

This picture is definitely an argument for Arab women showing more skin.

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Rima Fakih

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