Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Model in Shower

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Shower

Sexy Hot Arab Women - Woman in Shower

So my last posting concentrated on how beautiful Arab women can be in full traditional dress. As sexy as they can be covered up, they are drop dead gorgeous once they start showing some skin. This picture is of a smoking hot Arab woman that, let’s just say, is a little more liberal than the last. You see her here posing in a shower with Stiletto high heels on. That’s just not fair.
You can see in this photo why Arab women are so extremely beautiful. She has long flowing black hair that you can just tell is silky smooth to the touch. She’s not smiling in this picture, but her eyes do shoot right through you. Because she’s not smiling, you can see her lips in all their glory. They are plump and perfect. She may have even a little of the French poutiness in her.

You also see that her skin has a desert tone that make women from the Middle East so amazingly sexy. Through the swimsuit, you can see her perfect breasts. One thing that I like about Arab women is that they are naturally big-breasted. It shows in this slightly see-through swimsuit that’s white and clings tight.

This girl is sexy. There’s no doubt about it. Because of the nature of Arab women, you will see in this blog something interesting. They are all gorgeous, but in different ways. With the conservative women, you can focus on their facial features. On the less conservative Arab women, you can focus on their smoking bodies and eye for fashion.

They just drive me crazy!

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